Broken Brand

In the early nineties, Shep Fairey asked the question “what does it mean when the medium has no message?” He did (and still does) that from the ground-up. Ever heard of Andre the Giant? It appears Nike is running a similar experiment from the top-down. For the past week I’ve been trying to use… Read More Broken Brand

Observations: Running barefoot is better, researchers find

Mother Nature has outpaced science once again: the bare human foot is better for running than one cushioned by sneakers. What about those $125 high-tech running shoes with 648 custom combinations? Toss ’em, according to a new study published online January 27 in the journal Nature (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group). via… Read More Observations: Running barefoot is better, researchers find

Monday News

The operating system for the new Palm Pre, WebOS, is supposed to offer some killer apps. Apart from its wireless charging capabilities is some really intuitive functionality. Supposedly, the new device will use the calendar, which will contain the location, time, and attendees of meetings, and couple all that with your GPS location, to calculate… Read More Monday News