With just 400 exceptions, Americans are Poor, and Getting Poorer

For anyone who’s been complaining about the ever-worsening state of our Federal government’s finances over the past ten years, consider the concept of the zero-sum game: this should be familiar to all the free market (Chicago School) fans who can quote Gordon Gecko soliloquies like baseball stats; someone wins, someone loses.

So, smart guys (I’m looking at you, Quants), we on the bottom are making less every month. I’ve retraced my steps, and I can’t seem to find them over here. I’m just wondering…

Has anyone seen out money?

I mean, the money had to go somewhere, right?

You bet I wanna talk about class warfare.

Anyone who’s ever split a dinner check more than six ways should be familiar with this phenomenon. Sometimes one or more people don’t cough up enough dough. And for whatever reason, they aren’t going to own up to it. Maybe they are nurturing an unhealthy emotional grudge against one of the other dinner patrons, but the bottom line is everybody else has to put it a little more than they should have to.

REMINDER: You’re not one of the super-rich. I know you think you are, but you’re not. We’re not interested in you, so relax. You can keep your yacht, the Bugattis, and the islands in the South Pacific. We don’t want those. We just want you to cover the check.

I need to state that because it’s important. So many of us like to think of ourselves as “rich” or “powerful” when it’s just statistically almost impossible. There’s just such a small number of us (statistically) in that segment of the socioeconomic strata.

We’re all brought up to think we’re “haves” and not “have nots”. I’m not sure how it’s done exactly, but I’ve spoken to enough people on this subject to know that more often than not it’s the rule and not the exception.

The super-rich had best start paying their fair share of the tax base; either that or file a flight plan and keep your passports handy.

Read this for more info: Scary New Wage Data.

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