Pre-Computer Internet

Early 1980s intercontinental internet traffic followed (geographically) the same basic infrastructure that had existed for much of the previous century. The image above illustrates early submarine telecommunications lines. Map of Undersea Cables from 1901

Old Venice and the Backdrops of “Boardwalk Empire”

It’s really fascinating to watch the recreation of Atlantic City during it’s “hey day” and I can’t help but be mesmerized by the backdrops for the exterior scenes shot there. I’ve always had a soft-spot for historical boardwalk scenes. Not really sure if it’s some weird obsession with the Monopoly boardgame or the secretive aspect… Read More Old Venice and the Backdrops of “Boardwalk Empire”

Europe Divides

I found this fascinating blog called Strange Maps. It’s quite interesting to consider the linguistic implications of this regarding the etymology of the modern English language. I’ve tried explaining this to people, but this is one of those situations where you need to let the map do the talking.

Redditor Posts Dissertation on Causes of the Great Recession

Exactly. The demonstrative effect here can not be understated. When economists mention the CRA, they aren’t saying Carter caused the collapse in 2008, or whatever party loyalists hear when they see that. The CRA is instantly dismissed as unimportant, as 1977 was a long time ago, and this couldn’t have happened because of just that.… Read More Redditor Posts Dissertation on Causes of the Great Recession