Inside Apple’s New Flagship Third Street Promenade Store

I got a sneak peek inside Apple’s new flagship retail store during its construction. The location is in the lot formerly occupied by the Borders book store. The build requires the tallest construction crane currently in Santa Monica because the ceiling implements one of Steve Jobs’ last patents: the glass roof. Apple store employees will apparently… Read More Inside Apple’s New Flagship Third Street Promenade Store

Apple iCrane

For when you just absolutely have to have those glass ceilings on your new flagship store, there’s no substitute for the Apple iCrane. Apple’s Third Street Promenade store is moving to new digs south of Santa Monica Boulevard. It makes sense for them to want to be closer to the new Santa Monica Place mall,… Read More Apple iCrane

WebKit Gets New Features in Safari Mobile on iOS 6

Not a huge deal, but we can see where this is going. requestAnimationFrame and cancelAnimationFrame are very useful for – drum roll – JavaScript animation. WebKit on iOS now supports the requestAnimationFrame and cancelAnimationFrame methods in JavaScript, as described here Note that because the specification is still at the Working Draft state, these methods have the webkit prefix,… Read More WebKit Gets New Features in Safari Mobile on iOS 6

Apple-Google Squabble Spreads to LA

The Chiat/Day relationship with Steve Jobs and Apple is nothing short of legendary. That legend goes something like this: Chiat was hired by Apple to create the (also legendary) Ridley Scott-directed, $1 million, only-aired-once-cause-it’s-so-goddamn-special 1984 commercial that introduced the Macintosh line of computers during the Super Bowl. When Jobs was forced out of left Apple, he used… Read More Apple-Google Squabble Spreads to LA