Agent Dana Sally

I just checked my spam folder and found this gem. Enjoy.

FBI- Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Address: 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY 10278, USA

I am Mrs  Dana Sally  from FBI unit,i have been instructed by our FBI Director Christopher Wray, to inform you that out of our thorough investigation lately ,we found out that one of the abandoned  valid Packages such as ATM Cards And Consignment Boxes worth $11.5 million United State Dollars by diplomatic agents who complained that the beneficiaries were not able to provide the anti terrorist clearance certificate to guide and show that the fund is no way related to fraud or drug money,with the information we have here,we found out that one of the funds belongs to you.

And you are meant to report back quick with the fee for the needed certificate( Anti terrorist Clearance Certificate ) which is $98 ,in conclusion you are advised to stop any transaction you are doing now for this fund,because your fund is now under our custody and we will deliver it to you by our self. Get back to us quick for the information you will use to send the money and also  to avoid any more delay on your fund and make sure you provide your phone number as well for easy communication.

Mrs  Dana Sally
FBI Special Agent.

Where did Arduino get its name?

In April 1928 The Italia landed at Stolp en route to the pole.
In April 1928 The Italia landed at Stolp en route to the pole.

I wasn’t looking for this, but when I saw the name in the Wikipedia article, I looked up a guy named Ettore Arduino. It turns out this guy was an Italian airship engineer, but I don’t want to ruin it – the story is too cool to summarize.

You’ll just have to go read it yourself on Wikipedia.


Sorry to ruin it, but the naming coincidence turns out to be just that. I like the romanticized version better, but it turns out the kit is named for a nearby bar.