Home Junction

If you’ve used Google Maps in a major metropolitain area, you may have noticed one or two “neighborhood labels” that seemed bizarre and new to you even though you know the area quite well. Here is a link to Home Junction on Google Maps. As best as I can determine, some of these names go… Read More Home Junction

Apple-Google Squabble Spreads to LA

The Chiat/Day relationship with Steve Jobs and Apple is nothing short of legendary. That legend goes something like this: Chiat was hired by Apple to create the (also legendary) Ridley Scott-directed, $1 million, only-aired-once-cause-it’s-so-goddamn-special 1984 commercial that introduced the Macintosh line of computers during the Super Bowl. When Jobs was forced out of left Apple, he used… Read More Apple-Google Squabble Spreads to LA

Old Venice and the Backdrops of “Boardwalk Empire”

It’s really fascinating to watch the recreation of Atlantic City during it’s “hey day” and I can’t help but be mesmerized by the backdrops for the exterior scenes shot there. I’ve always had a soft-spot for historical boardwalk scenes. Not really sure if it’s some weird obsession with the Monopoly boardgame or the secretive aspect… Read More Old Venice and the Backdrops of “Boardwalk Empire”

Civil Servant Salaries Stupify Citizenry

The Times reported Thursday that Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo earns nearly twice the salary of President Obama, Police Chief Randy Adams gets paid about 50% more than Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, and Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia receives more than the chief executive for Los Angeles County.Rizzo makes $787,637, Adams makes $457,000… Read More Civil Servant Salaries Stupify Citizenry