Home Junction

If you’ve used Google Maps in a major metropolitain area, you may have noticed one or two “neighborhood labels” that seemed bizarre and new to you even though you know the area quite well. Here is a link to Home Junction on Google Maps. As best as I can determine, some of these names go… Read More Home Junction

Taking Wall Street Firmly To Task

“I had grossly underestimated the level of extraordinarily unethical and even fraudulent behavior that had occurred on such a large scale,” Ferguson tells All Things Considered host Melissa Block, in a conversation airing Friday. via Inside Job Director Charles Ferguson, Taking Wall Street Firmly To Task : Monkey See : NPR.

Lloyd! 8==>

Apparently, Goldman Sachs would be in trouble if it were a Vegas casino. The issue deals with things called front-running and derivatives trading against its own investors. For the rest of us, “derivatives” is a general term used on Wall Street to describe any kind of securities trading that is done off the market and… Read More Lloyd! 8==>

Global market turmoil hints that U.S. recovery may founder | McClatchy

Awww, man. Conflicting U.S. jobs data and mounting concerns about debt defaults abroad that threaten global economic growth triggered a worldwide wave of stock-market volatility Friday amid fears that the improving U.S. economy could unravel. A mixed jobs report from the Labor Department, including a revision that showed that 2009 job losses were far greater… Read More Global market turmoil hints that U.S. recovery may founder | McClatchy